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Search Floor Plans available for your lot in the DC and surrounding metropolitan areas. Base Platinum home pricing shown, Community pricing varies.

Lot Acquisition

Step 1:

Free New Home Consultation

Speak with a knowledgeable representative about building your dream home, our typical process, and budgetary goals. With a simple 30 minute consultation, our representatives will equip you with all you need for the next step!

Step 2:

Meet Our Land Acquisition Team

During this meeting (in person or via conference call) you will discuss important search criteria such as:
  • Geographic area of interest
  • Specific desired school district/pyramids
  • Floor plan preferences that will impact targeted lot size and/or shape
  • Personal budgetary goals

Step 3:

Keep In Touch

Evergreene Homes will provide email updates, information on available lots, and upcoming lots for consideration that meet your needs. Our Land Acquisition Team while constantly reviewing available lots will schedule viewings to assist you in quickly securing the lot of your dreams!

Step 4:

Meet Our Building Team

With the perfect lot now in sight, its time to meet to discuss:
  • Floor plan fit based on zoning/set backs and lot coverage regulations
  • How your home will sit on the lot
  • Any questions pertaining to the lot or home

Step 5:

Make It Happen!

Based on your chosen method of financing, we will create the appropriate Purchase Agreement for signature and skip to Step 2 of our On Your Lot Process!

Our Process

Step 1:

Free New Home Consultation

Speak with a knowledgeable representative about building your dream home, our typical process, and budgetary goals. With a simple 30 minute consultation, our representatives will equip you with all you need for the next step!

Step 2:

Defining Your Dream

Through an office visit, design center and site tour, our representatives will be able to provide a detailed overview of the homebuilding process, familiarize you with our included features and take note of the finish levels you are drawn to in order to create your personalized cost estimate.

Step 3:

Presentation and Review

We will present pricing as well as any architectural modifications requested and allow you to provide feedback as we work together to fine tune the plan to best meet your overall lifestyle and budgetary goals. This is typically done in person but can also be completed via webinar and conference call.

Step 4:

Ensuring Your Satisfaction

Once all goals, wants and needs have been addressed, an agreement that will outline our specific responsibilities and commitments to each other will be signed. At this time, a deposit (dependent upon financing option selected) will be due in order to release our Engineers and Architects to begin work on your new home project.

Step 5:


If you own your lot or plan to purchase one, you will most likely be using Construction to Permanent Financing. We have partnered with companies and experienced loan officers to help you easily navigate this process. Making contact with our Preferred Lenders is necessary to help you understand your qualifications and monthly payment goals in order to define your budgetary goals. It is also a required step in registering to become an EVG Insider where you will be given access to our lot inventory list. Obtaining your own CP financing is the most efficient and cost effective method of financing your project. Evergreene Homes also offers a turn-key project financing option. Please ask us to provide an overview of this option if you are interested.  All of our clients have unique situations and qualifications so we encourage you to contact all of our preferred lenders to determine which company may be the best fit for you.

Step 6:

Personalized Selection Appointment

In an effort to streamline the overall process, we have created a true “One Stop Shop” where you can make all selections necessary to complete your home. You will meet as needed to finalize all of your selections pertaining to color schemes, finish materials, etc.

Step 7:

Pre-Construction Meeting

You will be introduced to your Project Manager who will do a high level review of your project as well as ask any potential clarifying questions specific to any of your personalized modifications. Your PM will also discuss overall schedule, job site visits, communication during construction, etc.

Step 8:

Construction Begins!

Sit back and watch your dreams come true!


Our Signature Home Program is available in the DC Metro area of Northern Virginia: Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, McLean, Falls Church and Vienna, Fairfax and Loudoun Counties. We also build in some areas of Prince William County. If you are looking for On Your Lot Information for Maryland and Delaware Beaches, please click HERE. If you are looking for On Your Lot Information for Lake Anna, please click HERE. If you are looking for On Your Lot Information for Western Loudoun, please click HERE.

As a true turn-key builder, we take on the responsibility of managing your new home project from start to finish. This includes items such as demolition of the existing home, civil engineering, utility coordination etc. Unlike with most other “On Your Lot Builders” we do not charge an additional fee for this service.

This process varies by jurisdiction and complexity of the project. We tell our clients to expect 60-90 days from the time the permit package has been submitted.

We start construction once we have received all required permits and our clients have completed all final selections with our Design Center Staff. This way, all of our trade partners are working off of comprehensive and final information which will help us avoid mistakes that could cost time and money.

Our Client Involvement Program will ask that you visit us at least twice after we break ground for formal meetings with your Project Manager. We know that you will want to visit more often and ask that you coordinate visits in advance with your Project Manager so they can alert you to any potential safety issues or scheduled events that may preclude access such as staining of hardwood floors or painting. Once cabinets and interior trim have been delivered, we lock the home after hours and on weekends for safety and security.

We front load our design and planning process in order to help you avoid late changes that can add costs and create delays for the construction of your new home. We understand that things come up and we will work with you to try to accommodate all requests. We will review the change and help you understand cost and schedule impact so that you can make an educated decision as to whether you’d like to make the change.

We ask that you reach out to your Customer Advocate directly. They will document your concern and then take the necessary steps to research the situation and then provide clarification or an action plan as needed.

Our Customer Advocates will assist you throughout the entire home building process – from contract ratification, through the design phase, permitting, construction, settlement and up until the one year warranty service has been completed. The customer advocates will be providing milestone updates, act as the connecting link between you and Evergreene operations and construction team, schedule all appointments, and generally help address any questions, concerns or requests throughout the entire process.

Evergreene Homes can help you achieve your desired lifestyle in the location where you want to be. We price our projects based on the cost of construction of the home itself and do not add any regional pricing adjustments based on cost of living in particular areas. Quite often, new developments have pushed further out from the areas where our clients really want to be. We can help you identify a lot or a tear down opportunity that can help you get closer to work or better access to the culture, history and great restaurants in Washington DC and Northern Virginia Area!

Evergreene Homes is a large regional builder which can benefit you in several ways. Our buying power is much greater than the smaller builders that only build 1-10 homes per year. Our volume also allows us to work with the biggest and best vendors and sub-contractors in the market. These partners are sized and staffed so that they can hit our demanding schedules which enables us to build, not only a higher quality home, but also in less time than most builders. Shorter schedules mean savings for you. We are not a low cost provider like some builders that use basic materials and meet minimum quality standards in order to pass inspections. We use premium building materials and advanced construction methods and techniques that when combined with our regional size results in a high performance home at a compelling value. EVG Construction to Perm Preferred Lenders.

A lot must either be owned or be identified and under contract for purchase either by you or by Evergreene Homes. Your contract with Evergreene may be contingent on one of the 2 parties taking legal ownership of the property within a specified time frame per the agreement.

We typically build our homes in 120 days from the time that we break ground. Smaller basic homes may take less time whereas larger, modified and more elaborate custom projects may take more.

Yes you may. Working with one of our Portfolio homes is the most efficient and economical way to work with us , but we can engage our talented team and internal architectural staff to help modify some of our plan details to accommodate your needs and to achieve the plan, flow and lifestyle you are looking for.

If you are using Construction to Permanent Financing the down payment will be determined by your lender and selected program. If you are asking Evergreene to purchase the lot on your behalf and to roll it into the overall project, we ask for a minimum of a 5% – 10% deposit (depending on community) of the overall project cost (lot + turn-key project cost).

Our team of Preferred Lenders have many programs and strategies to help you stay in your current home while your new Evergreene is being built.

At Evergreene Homes, our team of experts help those looking to upgrade, relocate, or offload a property with every step of the home-selling process. Leave all the details — and dirty work — to us, so you can focus on making sure your next chapter is the best one yet. If the time to sell isn’t right today, we will be ready when you are. No repairs to make. No clean up and staging. No home showings to schedule. Take what you want and leave the rest. Flexibility on timing. Short-term lease back available when needed. Contact Sales@EvergreeneHomes.com or call (703) 667-7878, so we can answer your questions.

Contact Sales@EvergreeneHomes.com or call (703) 667-7878, to schedule your Consultation.

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