Why It Pays To Buy New!

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Contrary to popular belief, buying a new construction home can save you money when compared to purchasing a resale. Some buyers don’t take into account the upkeep and maintenance that an aging home requires. The cost of replacing a roof, updating appliances, refinishing floors, etc. can add up quickly, leaving you with a large bill and potential buyers’ remorse.

At Evergreene, our homes are built in the style and comfort of your life with the most up-to-date building material and processes that will stand the test of time. This means your home is energy efficient, meets (and in many cases) exceeds standard building codes, and is a reflection of your tastes and selections.

Best yet, our homes come with the peace of mind of a 10-Year New Home Warranty. You can’t buy that with a resale!

Learn more about the maintenance costs of resale homes by viewing our prices list comparison sheet HERE.

Speak with a sales representative in your region today and find yourself in a brand new Evergreene home!

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