Semi Custom Homes Versus Custom Homes: Lower Prices With Fewer Surprises

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Semi custom homes offer the same value as custom homes, for a lower price without distracting surprises and last-minute overages. Because semi-custom homes utilize pre-designed floorplans that are then personalized, the building process is more predictable and takes less time. This can also mean lower prices that won’t change once finalized. When making selections from Evergreene’s wide range of standard options, the pricing for semi-custom homes can be completed in just hours preventing lost days, weeks or months waiting for quotes.

On the flip side, custom home pricing often has longer wait times as the customer works with the architect and builder to search for suppliers and subcontractors. Once the plans are designed, they then select every item in the home from the cabinets to the flooring to doorknobs and towel holders. This lengthy process can often lead to being over budget and on an extended timeline. Part of the reason this happens is due to escalating costs, as every element is selected for that individual home, and everything needs to be priced out separately.

Overall, semi-custom homes are the right choice for anyone looking for a personalized home without the high prices and longer timeline that comes with a custom home. Evergreene Homes is a semi-custom home builder in Delaware, Virginia, and Maryland. View our large collection of Floorplans to take the first step, and then Contact Us for a fast quote and timeline so we can get started on your dream home.

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