Semi Custom Homes vs. Custom Homes: A Smoother Home-Building Process

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Buyers looking for a smooth and pleasant home-building process should choose a semi custom home over a custom home, to take advantage of a variety of opportunity for personalization with far less stress.

The step-by-step process for building a custom home often involves confusion about the exact process, making it a complex one. Often you do not know where to start, with the architect, the interior designer, or the builder. It can also be overwhelming to choose an architect alongside a builder, in addition to all the planning, selections, lot studies, plan submissions, permitting, bidding, sourcing of materials, scheduling, and delivery. Pricing takes longer to figure out based on the custom nature of the home, and therefore it is harder to give an exact timeframe to get you from the design to build, and finally to move-in. Additionally, when working on a custom home, who will lead and coordinate the project? The Builder, the Architect, or you? Then which Builder will you work with? And which Architect?

In contrast, the process for building a semi-custom home is mapped out and easy to navigate. Evergreene has already built all of the Signature homes offered in our Collection and we know the costs associated with each home. Additionally, the lot price is often known up front as well, whether you’re looking to build on one of Evergreene’s lots or on a lot you already own. We have the home building process down, which means less stress and a more enjoyable experience for you as the buyer.

Once you have selected your floorplan and your options have been selected, the cost of the home can be turned around to you within two days – and sometimes at your first visit with our team. In addition to the full price of the home, we can also help you connect with a mortgage broker, inform you of the timeframe for the build period, and identify a closing date and move-in date. Learn more about the home building process for our semi-custom homes at our Signature Homes page or Contact Us, so we can help you build your dream home today.

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