Semi-Custom Homes Offer Reduced Timeline Over Custom

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If you are considering a semi-custom home over a custom home, and efficiency in design and a specific move-in date are both important to you, we’re here to tell you you’re making the right decision. Semi-custom homes offer an expedited and more predictable timeline. You will remain up to date on construction progress and when your home will be ready, so you can plan for your move and enjoy the process.

Custom homes often have frustrating and long schedules to design, plan, bid and build. Even worse, the timeline often gets extended due to unexpected oversights or complexity. You may be given a timeline of 12 to 18 months, and then it ends up being 24 months.

This is not the case for semi-custom homes because the design time is reduced as you are picking a home plan from a library of homes, where the plans and process have been well tested. Not only will semi-custom homes provide a more precise timeline, but also more efficiently. So, if moving in sooner is important to your family, semi-custom is the way to go.

Prior to purchasing a semi-custom Signature Home by Evergreene, you will be given a detailed timeline for when you will settle on your new home. This way, if you must sell your home and move to short-term housing for a bit, you will know exactly how much time it will be before you can move into your new home. Browse through our collection of Signature Home Plans and then contact us to get started on your dream home today.

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