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Evergreene Homes consistently exceed national energy standards by more than 40% while providing you with the high performance and carefree lifestyle you deserve. Our homes are built with E-Greene Technology and are more affordable to maintain, more comfortable to live in and have a higher value compared to regular homes. What separates Evergreene Homes from our competition is that we can clearly demonstrate, with 3rd party verification, that our homes are truly energy efficient. We do this by testing and ranking energy efficiency with a nationally accepted protocol so that each home can be fairly compared against others called the HERS (Home Energy Rating System) Index.

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HERS scale


The lower the score on the HERS Scale, the more energy efficient it is.

A standard new home rates with a baseline of 100 on the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index.

A home with a 75 rating is 25% MORE efficient than a standard new home, while a home with a 125 rating is 25% LESS efficient than a standard new home.

Evergreene Homes is proud to come in MORE energy efficient than resales, standard new homes, AND Energy Star rated homes!



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