Purchasing Coordinator – DE Beaches

Job Summary:

Purchasing Coordinator is responsible for assisting the Purchasing Department with the upkeep of the database used for bidding, purchase orders and design selections for homebuilding. Purchasing Coordinator will complete all data entry as directed using Evergreene’s proprietary homebuilding system.

Primary Responsibilities:

  •  Proprietary Database Maintenance
    Maintains database by entering new and updated programs, styles and pricing information
    Verifies option and program selections by reviewing, correcting, deleting or reentering data o Reviewing data for deficiencies or errors, correcting any incompatibilities and checking output
    Creates and maintains setup for bidding module
  • Oversees and manages assigned department projects
    Maintains Appliance Ordering program and Order Tracking
    Updates Specification Sheet for all selection programs
    Maintains online selections website
  • Purchase Orders
    Issues and processes manual Purchase orders
  •  Serves as the point person for data and program-related tasks for the Purchasing Department
  • Assist in resolving issues and conflicts related to Trade Partner activities.
  • Provide Administrative Support for Purchasing Department

Knowledge and Skill Requirements:

•   Must be proficient with Microsoft Office Software and possess computer skills to demonstrate the ability to quickly learn proprietary software
•   Must possess the ability to manage details with accuracy
•   Must be highly organized and driven to complete projects on time
•   Valid US work authorization

Working Conditions:

• Working conditions are normal for an office environment, but could be extreme depending on weather conditions when visiting sites.
The list above is not intended to be all inclusive, but does provide a range of activities which will develop over time as needs arise and opportunities present themselves.

All responsibilities outlined above are based on working conditions at the time of job description
preparation and will change as business conditions continue to change. It is the intent for The
Evergreene Companies, employees to concentrate their work in specific areas, however, both
parties must agree that this is subject to workload demands and duties may vary accordingly.

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